Weeks 8, 9, and 10 – Virtual Library Project Help

Citations, fair use of materials, plagiarism and copyright are all not to be taken lightly and are important topics every librarian spends time addressing. I spent three weeks covering my standards related to these topics through teaching our Virtual Library Project Help section.

Project help has a smattering of resources to help students as they work through PBL Units and are expected to create a variety of products to demonstrate their learning. Sharing these resources with students during their Library Information Literacy time hopefully frees us more of their class time for the content specific to the work they will need to complete in class.

Rather than break down each of the lessons the way I had in previous weeks, here is a basic outline. A large part of these lessons included discussions on the reasoning why, and the legal and ethical implications of following or not following creative and copyright infringements.

Week 8: Virtual Library: Project Help – Citations

  • Citations – why do we cite sources? Why is this important?
  • Find out from teachers what their expectations are regarding citations.
  • Demonstrate how to find source information.
  • Go through project help citation resources and demo how to use EasyBib and show how to cite a source.
  • Have students (with a partner) finding a source related to their current PBL unit and then go into a shared Google Slides to post a fact they learned about their topic and cite the source at the bottom of the slide.
  • Share when we are all finished.

Week 9: Virtual Library: Project Help – Image Search

  • Discuss copyright / fair use of images
  • Look at image searching options through virtual library
  • Discuss safe Google Image Searching
  • Access Common Sense Media lessons / videos to help teach this lesson.

Week 10: Virtual Library: Project Help – Project Builder

  • Give a brief synopsis of the different programs linked through Project Builder
    • Voki, Prezi, ThingLink, Animoto, Popplet, Wordle, Storybird, Glogster
  • Different classes will have tried different ones before depending on what they’ve done in class so far this year.
  • Challenge the students to pair up and explore and experiment with a project build link they’ve never done before.
  • Give time at the end to share something cool they tried.

Resources: www.commonsensemedia.org/educators/digital-citizenship/creative-credit-and-copyright


These were not easy lessons to teach. The last week was really fun to try and experiment with the presentation tools, but I still struggle to make copyright / plagiarism, fair usage into fun lessons.

This is the kind of things we as librarians teach ever year, and I could do better. Next year I hope to collaborate better with our Technologist (computer teacher) and put stronger connections to our digital citizenship goals and building objectives. I also want to do further research into the resources available within Common Sense Media to improve my lessons on these topics.

The basic outline for all 10 weeks can be seen here.


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