Week 1: Intro to Virtual Library and Online Locker

Depending on the classroom teacher, students come to me with a varying degree of knowledge related to Canvas and more specifically, our Virtual Library within Canvas. The very bottom link within Virtual Library is the Online Locker. This is where the grade level digital textbooks are house in addition to Lexia and Dreambox programs students use for independent reading and math practice. Because it´s the most familiar button within Virtual Library, I started week one there.


To introduce Virtual Library, I asked students:

  • What do you already know how to do within Virtual Library? Some knew tons, some weren’t sure how to get there once they logged into Canvas.
  • What is the purpose of Virtual Library? Providing equal access to resources for all students throughout the district, no matter the school.
  • When do you think you might use Virtual Library?


I then showed students how to navigate to Virtual Library and then into Online Locker They should all be familiar with that section because in this section they can access Lexia and Dreambox, and most go here daily to work on those programs.

However, several didn’t know they can access their math books, health books, Pebble Go, Reading A-Z, Raz Kids. This lesson went much more quickly for my oldest students, and I showed them how to pop into the math book and print the day’s homework if they left theirs in class.

Exploration and Closing

To close I let kids share which of those they have accessed, give time to explore with a partner and walk around to monitor and see what kids are sharing. I then gave time at the end to share out something new the students found within Online Locker. Many students enjoyed coming up to the front to show the class how to navigate to what they wanted to share, and this could have easily taken as much time as the entire rest of the lesson. 


Depending on the group, this lesson took anywhere from 15-25 minutes, with my younger students taking longer to navigate to Virtual Library in the first place, and my older students flying through this and looking at me like I was beyond boring, until I showed them how to print forgotten homework.


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