Collaborative Documentation

How on earth do I keep track of all of the little things I do within my job to work with others? And how much of that do I really need to keep track of? I’m not really sure, but I’m trying an ongoing Google Doc this year to better monitor my efforts to collaborate with others.

Randa Tower

Our district uses the Randa Tower system to document our teacher evaluations in a more interactive format where the administrators and teachers can post questions and answers related to observations, and both can include artifacts that speak to the growth of the teacher during the year.

Instructional Partner

One standard I have put specific emphasis on this year is the Quality Indicator 2: Instructional Partner. During daily walk-throughs and when observing lessons, this indicator is less visible to the administration, and last year I struggled to document and demonstrate all I had done specific to collaboration and acting as a teacher partner.

Librarian Standards Continuum - Google Docs.clipular (1).png

To better document this indicator, at the beginning of the school year, I added an Outlook folder so that each email specific to collaboration could be slid over to that folder, then once per month (ideally), I will sit down and go through those emails to document what collaboration and teacher supports I have provided within our building.

My collaborative efforts have been documented here throughout the year so far.  Depending on when you access this document, it may be in various states of incomplete edits and drafts throughout the year.

This could be better.

I like the template I used fine, but I feel like the format and method for this documentation is still a little bulky, and I’m open to any suggestions of how to streamline this documentation for the coming year.

Some collaboration is ongoing, some is only a one day event, some a month or two. Some of the things listed seem like no big deal, just taking 10 minutes here and there, and other things are extensive projects that took a lot of time and work to complete, and I’m not sure that’s really indicated in any way. And does that even matter?

My administrators know for the most part what I’m doing and trying to do. I love to look back and see the record of things I’ve tried and done, and I’ll follow up with a post if I come up with a better system in the future.


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