YES Squad!

YES Squad is a Youth Empowered Support team of students who will help me with tech support within the building. This is a team of student leaders to record announcements and help peers, new students, and younger students with tech issues and questions throughout the school year. These are the “go to” people for general tech questions during class.

I pitched the group to the students and had over 50 kids apply on a Google form. I went over the applicants with several teachers and selected 9 kids (originally planned on 6) to come down first thing in the morning before specials each day and then possibly again during recess on occasion to help with tech needs throughout the building.

Each Monday we have “staff meetings” with all 9 kids, then they split into shifts for Tuesday / Thursday and Wednesday / Friday so there aren’t quite so many kids down here.

I have lots of goals and big ideas for what this group will be able to accomplish. Right now, we are starting with editing Canvas pages and writing / recording morning announcements. We had a brainstorming session and came up with the following as our goal for where we would like to be.

Lara Garrett (@laragarrett) - Twitter.clipular (7).png


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