Makerspace Materials


After summer school ended last year, our building was able to keep the numerous hands-on makerspace materials left over from our innovative and tech-heavy summer programming. Some of the items included in this were Bee Bots, Blue Bot, Makey Makey, Little Bits, Marble Run, Mega Blocks, Osmo, Gears Gears Gears, Drill and Design, Magnatiles, and Snap Circuit kits. There were also several crafting and consumable materials, and I’m sure things I’m forgetting.

Given such great resources,  and being asked to be in charge of their organization and storage, I challenged myself to make sure these resources were well utilized. After the first quarter of the year, I noticed the original boxes were nearly destroyed, and students had an especially difficult time getting all of the materials to fit back into the boxes at the end of classes. With that challenge, I went to PTA to ask for clear tubs to better organize our materials.

I still haven’t quite managed a great storage system, but hope to improve it throughout the year. Using my Dymo label maker, I was able to make clear labels to identify what’s in each of the boxes and this makes it easier to see what I have and hopefully more teachers will better utilize these resources.

In a future entry, I’ll explain how I use these materials with my primary grades through in-class Makerspace Library Stations and for upper grades during TechMaker’s club as an optional recess choice once or twice per week.


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